Horizon On-Line Rules and Help File

The Rules:

No one Likes a Leacher,
Please Remember there are others who like to join in the Fun.
Please have some consideration for Others.
It's for all of us to enjoy.
This site does Not only serve one person (YOU).
It Serves all of US.
If I have to, I will enforce theses rules with lockouts and that would mean locking out IP address,
or Implementing a Password System.
The Most Important rule is to have Fun and enjoy your visit.


Instructions for downloading are very simple.
When you see this image,

This means to CLICK ONCE to download the File of choice.
YOU DO NOT NEED to press the button more than once to obtain the File.

Download Accelerator Programs
are not necessary and should not be used.
You are not being redirected to another site.
All files are located directly on this server.

The Menu Buttons:

The menus have been designed to make navigation easy around the site.
When you pass your pointer over an image it will turn from Black and White to Colour.


Will turn to this:

All you have to do then is just click on the image to go to that page.

Buttons that are faded Like these and are simply do nothing
That means that clicking on them will have no effect and they will do nothing.

The Home Button:

Buttons that look like these

Will take you Back to the Main Train Menu Page whether you are on ED'S Trains or Valleypass Train.

The Other images:

That you might find thoughout the system may or may not be linked to anything.
All Logos that are linked are Copyright to their respective companies and are linked to
their main page.
The Train Simulator Logo is linked to Microsoft's Main Train Simulator site.
The Horizon Logo is linked our company home page.
Frog rail will goto Frog rail's website.
The Rail Fan Webring is linked to the Rail Fan Website.

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